Throwback Thursday 2014

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Night on the Pacific link. First night sleeping on the ship wasn’t that bad. slept in the lounge with the other dts students. Will be here another night before we head out to our trekking accommodation. It’s to early to know the student well enough. I’m just getting to know the students by name. I feel jellylike at this time being on the ship while it rocks the lower deck back and forth in the ocean water. What could I say the ship alone is blowing my mind living on it for a couple of days. It brings history to life how people sailed days to transport goods from one land to another . And how much I take for granted and how good we have it now. If I need to buy food I could just drive to the market and buy what I need. I don’t sail for days so I may have food to eat or medical treatment to cure my sickness. We don’t always see the work of people did behind the scenes. In order for the goods to reach our markets. So when you feel a bit inpatient next time. Just remember people didn’t have it as good as we do now or as fast.

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