Treasure Hunt

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The date is December 20, 2014 was a fun day to be able to help out at stable in the strand. Which is a place where the entire family could come and walk through the land of Bethlehem. To see where Jesus walked and grew up. Later that night at the campus Tyrone ask me if I wanted to go with him treasure hunting. What you do is you pray to God and ask who do you want us to pray for Lord. So before we left the campus tyrone & I prayed and ask God who he would like for us to go too. At the moment I had my toothpaste with me which is a whole other story. I told Tyrone I would meet him back at the cafe I was going to put my toothpaste back in my room. But he had told me to pray and ask God during that time to ask God for a specific thing a person was wearing or holding. The only thing that was in my thought at that time was a person holding a plastic bag. So when I met up with Tyrone he ask me if I got anything I said well I got a person carrying a bag. And tyrone said he got blue shorts and white shirt. Tyrone also had ask me what the first number that come up to mind. I say 7 he came up with 11. Then we both thought of 7/11. Which there was no 7/11 but there is night owl which is consider to a 7/11. So when we did leave the campus we headed to night owl. As Tyrone and I were across from night owl we saw some of the ywam student chatting so we thought we should join them. As we were chatting and just having a good time this man in a white shirt, blue shorts, carrying a bag, and even walk towards us and said something about 7/11. Tyrone and I knew this was the man that fit the description. Who God wanted us to pray for which was a great blessing to witness. A lot of the time we hear stories like this from others. But when it’s your own story no one could tell you other wise because you experience it for your self. And truly know that Jesus is Lord.

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