Camping In The Outback

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November 24, 2014 It’s our third day Camping in the outback of Australia. It’s been good so far the first night went for a hike with Riley, Jon, and Saxson. As we left the campsite you could see the fire dim the further we walk towards the woods. We had torches yet one that I had was really bright. Two of the other guys had torches that change color depending what color they wanted. The color made it a bit easier on the eyes sense it wasn’t as bright. For a while we were just walking with out any light so are eyes could adjust to the dark night. There was no moon that night so it was a bit difficult walking through the woods. After about a 25 minute walk we came to a trench that had these old rusty cars that some one just left. They look like 1950s 1960s car models as we walk pass. After that the four of us went down this small hill that brought us down to a small pond we had to walk across to get to some narrow path in the woods. Before we got there was a toad at the bottom of the hill which was piousness. Saxson I believe had ask Riley for the machete so he could strike the toad which end up cutting the toad in half. So right after we headed towards the narrow pathway in till there was no mark or pathway to fallow. So my buddy Riley pull out his machete and started cutting branches to make a way through. So we where pretty much being adventurous going through the brush.

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