Airlie Beach S.O.E.

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December 28, 2014 12:09pm on a drive to Airlie beach. Most of the students are asleep on our drive to Airlie. We left from townsville about 10:25am this morning so we should arrive to Airlie beach around 1:30pm. I’m excited for this week we will be doing some evangelism in the city. Pray and listen to what the Lord is asking us to do to reach out to the community. During the week of School of Evangelism (SOE) one of the staff leader started devotion to prepare our team before we distribute bibles to the community. We did quite well giving them out. I’d say about forty to forty five people had received bibles. That same night around 8pm we went to evangelize to some of the locals in airlie beach. There was a guy who I started conversation with while one of my Aussie mates sat back and prayed. During the time I was with this man who didn’t believe in God. So I told him about Jesus a bit more. Then to make the story short I ended up asking him if he needed prayer. Yes he said, so as I ended the prayer he told me that I brought up his past and things that nobody knew but him “I said He>I.” Also when I touch his arm while praying he said he felt power coming down his arm. After that he told me before I left he was a bit more optimistic about God then I said my farewells.

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