Throwback Thursday 2014

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We hike Mt. Halifax which was amazing. Our Kokoda team as well as another trekking team had woke up early. so we may get an early start on our hike. There was a lot of dry grass at the beginning of our day. The floor was full of mangos no matter which way you turn you’ll see mangos on the ground. I was ready to explore the mountain and hike up the high elevation levels. It took our team about 5 hours to reach the top. I was really impressed with my physical ability, and endurance. I would say about a quarter into our hike it began to rain. To walk on a wet trail was harder because my vibram were not made for wet surfaces so it was more of a challenge. It was a surprise how quick the weather condition could change. It reminded me how I could be at times. The way our mood could change in a instant. We might be happy in the morning and bitter in the evening. Just by a comment by a individual during the day. Ether good or bad it will effect us if we allow it to. We must learn to adapt to our condition. In season and out of season. So no matter what people might say we have control of our own emotions. When our team reach the top of the steep hill we where in awe to the great beauty that was before us. What a great accomplishment it was to reach the top at the end.

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