Throwback Thursday 2014

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Great day our team had work outs after distributing bible’s. That was impressive when our trekking team leader and staff ask the owner of a gym in airlie beach if we could use her gym for our daily workouts. The owner said yes as long as we clean after ourselves and take pictures of her gym for an update on the gym website, Instagram, and facebook.
Before that day our kokoda team pass out couple bible’s. That’s right you heard right two bible’s. It was a bit difficult to give to people when there’s barrier (fence) between you and the apartment, condos, homes, and ect. As we where praying up in high places on man made hill tops. I had in my being to give a bible to one of the receptionist in the apartment building we pass a few hours before. So as we got close to the building I yelled stop the van. While one of the girls was talking with our leader in the vehicle. I didn’t want to be rude but I knew I had to pray and hand out a bible to the women working inside. In the end I got out of the van went in building with one of the DTS student to the reception desk. The lady needed prayer and a bible I handed her then we vanished.

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