“What lesson did I Learn & What I need to work on”

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I don’t learn, no I don’t learn cause of pride. That is one thing I have to improve on and understand to walk in humility. Arrogance is like a thief at night that robs you from learning. I don’t want to become an unteachable man. I’ve lost this battle and in addition to it I must write a three page paper. “ignorant pride I am superior to you highly/lowly pride I don’t count you do have worth. Don’t think highly or lowly. Humility is a correct assessment (truth).” “help me out, don’t let me down I could learn from you, I could learn from you.”

Improve my listening, if I was sitting attentively I would not be in this situation. Comprehend what the message is first then wait till the message has come across and the person is finished talking. Once the person is finish, I have the ok to respond. This is one habit I know I have to work on. Not to cut people off while they are talking. Its not that my opinion is more important then what they might be saying, I just don’t want to lose my thought. However it is disrespectful when I talk over some one. This is something that has been brought to my attention many times. To write down my thought and comment back once that opportunity is open. Im not saying not to talk. Im saying to talk when it is my time to talk.

I am grateful that I am still here in YWAM. One thing that I’m grateful is confessing that I’m not so great with boundaries. Boundaries is something I to have to work on. Now that I know about boundaries I must apply it in to my life. Example respecting others when I speak, think, or act? Am I being loving or selfish. Im not saying dong it once makes me an expert. Yet put into use in my daily life. I must not waste my words, just say ok im wrong. I believe there is a time to pick up the white flag and surrender. Know that I been wrong, allow another to teach me. In this case I Mr. Rodriugez give consent unto instructor to teach me in what I must learn and I am willing to submit to his teaching.

Ive become aware that I could become dubious at times. This is not a good thing. The definition of Dubious, wavering or hesitating in opinion, inclined to doubt. That sums up the word, now who want to be around some one that is not completely honest, safe, or reliable. I no for sure I don’t. so what I could do is the opposite. Put it in to practice and be honest, reliable, and show others that I am trustworthy. I will also say the cause for me still being here is the tribe of believers. Granting leaders to educate myself not just letting any one show, yet those who are mature in the faith. That I may be wise and able to spot them.

I found out I enjoy working for people who I believe what they believe. Show up and feel apart of something bigger then yourself. One could go much further if we go as a team then on my own. Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. Since one of my strengths is learner I enjoy focusing on the technical skill, which is why I’m here and now that I could always grow.

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Outer Limits

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This book has good resources that I could use for self-control and knowing my limits. What I mean by that is that if I don’t know how to manage my own food intake through the day I could be eating more than I need. Another way could be how much junk food I consume through the day. So we have to know when to say yes or no during this life time. This book also has stories that I could relate to. It also puts you in a scenario or gives a story to understand from a different perspective. It helps you to reflect and see what areas need to improve. You start to see what you might be lacking. It helps you to start setting goals to improve those things. So I ask you what is the one thing you have to improve? Aim for the target and for fulfill it.

I can be a people pleaser at times by always saying yes to people. Which people will start to use that as their advantage. Then you’ll be nothing more but doormat to them. And that my friends is not a good place to be at. I encourage you to say no to people and take control of your life.

TV watching, when to stop watching tv? Our mind becomes mush. When we feed it to much junk. The same way there’s junk food for your body. There is junk food for your brain. I’m not saying it’s bad. Yes we all need some entertainment in our life time to time. Yet just remember don’t let it be something that consumes your every day life.

Compulsive buying is another bad habit. So when there’s a product you see and you want to buy it. Are you able to control your spending habits. Or do you just go ahead and buy. So managing money would be another concept why this book is good.

There has been times when I had no job or anything to do. I would sit at home and watch netflix most of the day. Watching movies, shows, and documentaries. I would have to stop myself and go out with friends or family. Even read a book so I could be a bit more productive instead of just watching TV all day.

I personally agree this is helpful. I was unable to find something I disagree on. As I am alive in this planet. I believe there’s so much more I have to develop in my life. It’s something I could use while I’m here on earth. It helps me to be aware of others boundaries as well as my own. I would recommend this book on boundaries to family and friends.

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