Funky Cold Rider

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I wasn’t much of a fan of this motorbike, machine, ride, slash jalopy. It’s no extravagant ride and can’t cruise on the high way or freeway depending your location. This one is a four stroke so the speed on it is slower then a two stroke. If your in the market looking to buy I would suggest buying a two stroke scooter. If your looking to ride faster then that I suggest to look into buying a motorcycle buddy. This ride is more for laid-back riders.

There not much to say about this ride. Yet for some reason it did sway my attention to ride it. There something good about driving a moped around your local neighborhood. It’s a brilliant way to travel locally. It is possible to ride on dirt, yet its made for the streets. Then when you get in the frame of mind you begin to sing “I just want to fly.” So what I’m saying is that I would recommend this ride. “Don’t lose the fever yeah.”